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Robots Powering Solutions | GeePower® Battery Systems

Consumer robots are one of the current emerging markets. Because of the increase of requirements in labor, quality requirements and workplace safety, a variety of robots have been developed to meet human needs. For example, small portable robots for education, or sweeping robots at home. Due to a series of technological advancements, the shape, weight, and battery life of the robot are becoming more and more demanding. As a result, choosing the right battery for the robot is significantly critical.

GeePower® Robots Powering Solutions

Lithium-ion batteries have become the first of choice because of their high storage capacity, high efficiency and longer life than many rechargeable batteries. And GeePower® aims to provide powering solutions of lithium-ion battery systems for a wide range of robots.

Why choose GeePower®?

When designing robot powering solutions, GeePower® will take into account how long the robot can work and be fully charged, and how the battery fits into the weight and form of the robot. Moreover, GeePower® places great emphasis on battery safety. For Robots are closely related to human life, especially the elder people and children. All the GeePower® robot powering solutions employ our own battery management system to prevent overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and over temperature conditions. At the same time, the battery system provides enough power and energy for robots, making it an ideal choice for robots and electric vehicles.

With our battery management system, we are able to manage to:

  • Overvoltage protection, over discharge and over temperature protection
  • PC end for monitoring battery status
  • little maintenance
  • Long battery life
  • Long-time power supply
  • Quick battery replacement

Moreover, as a professional manufacturer of different batteries, GeePower® could also provide customized services based on your specific requirements, like battery operating parameters or available battery space. If you are in the market for the lithium-ion battery, GeePower® would be your ideal choice

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