48V 50AH Lithium Battery Pack LiFePO4 BMS Telecom Batteries

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48V 50AH Lithium Battery Pack LiFePO4 BMS Telecom Batteries

  • SNMP for remote monitor
  • Extremely High Rate Capability
  • High safety performance(no flowing electrolyte)
  • Fast charging is available(can up to 3C, less than 20minutes)
  • Very good performance under high temperature
  • High energy density, 110~140wh/Kg
  • Light weight and small volume, about 1/3 weight and volume of lead-acid batteries


Geepower® 48V 50AH Lithium Battery Pack LiFePO4 BMS Telecom Batteries apply to Communication Base Station, which is manufactured by GeePower Energy Co.,LTD in China. This Battery pack is assembled by 15pcs 3.2V 50AH GPLFP11192320 LiFePO4 battery cells in series,BMS and Box.The BMS is for 15S Li-ion battery communication backup power,it can provide over charge,over discharge,over current function during charging.This BMS can be monitored and operated by utility via RS485 and RS232 communication.

These Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are rated at more than 2000 recharge cycles, can be assembled in series and parallels with a battery management system (BMS).

LiFePO4 BMS Telecom Batteries Advantages

  • SNMP for remote monitor
  • 30years experience in rechargeable batteries
  • 10 years experience  in Lithium batteries
  • geepower® battery can be above 2000 recharge Cycles
  • poor electrolyte, can be operated in any directions
  • can be discharged at high current(up to 5C), charge current(up to 3C)

48V 50AH LiFePO4 BMS Telecom Batteries Specifications

48V 50AH Lithium Battery Pack LiFePO4 BMS Telecom Batteries
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name GeePower
Model G-TPS4850- 48V 50AH
Nominal voltage 48V
Nominal capacity 50AH @0.2C³A, 25℃
Rated charging current 15A
Process launch after overcharge protection A. Charge at 1~40Amps current
B. Press RESET button 3S
Charge current alarm 50A(3S)
Rated discharging current 15A
Process launch after overdischarge protection A.Charge at 1~40 Amps current
B.Press RESET button 3S
Discharge current alarm 50A(3S)
Charge voltage 54.75V(3.65V*15cells in series)
Overcharge cut-off voltage(cell) 3.65V
Overcharge recovery Recovery charger,after 30S
Overdischarge cut-off voltage(cell) 2.5V
Overdischarge recovery Recovery discharger,after 30S
Charge temperature range 0℃~45℃
Discharge temperature range -20℃~60℃
Dimensions H132.5*W482*L420(mm)
Weight Appr:31.5kg
Packing material Steel plate
Battery cell model GPLFP11192320-50Ah (3.2V 50AH LiFePO4 polymer battery cell)
Assembly 15pcs 3.2V 50Ah LiFePO4 battery cells in series
Storage temperature -10℃ to 45℃(50% charged)

LiFePO4 BMS Telecom Batteries Detailed Image


Item Description Dimensions(mm)
H High(H) 132
W Width(W) 482
L Length(L) 420

BMS (Battery management system) Outline Drawing



BMS Block Diagram and BMS Pictures



 BMS dimensions(mm)  L225.0*W80.0*H30.0(mm)
 PCB dimensioins(mm) L225.0*W80.0*H2.0(mm)
 Tolerance(mm) Length and width±0.2mm, thickness±0.1mm
 PCB Material FR-4
 Silkscreen  White silkscreen, green oil
 Cooper thickness  2OZ

BMS Protection and warning parameters

Item Unit Minimum Typical Maximum Remarks
  Load short circuit  A 140 150 160 Cut-off the BMS,
ALM LED flash
Over current A 76 80 84 ALM LED flash
Over voltage V  3.78 3.8 3.82 LED no change
 Under voltage V 2.48 2.5 2.52 All LEDs are off
Over temperature(during charging) °C  60 65  70 ALM LED flash
 Over temperature(during discharging)  °C 70 75 80 ALM LED flash
Under temperature(during charging)  °C -5  -10 -15 ALM LED flash
Under temperature(during discharging) °C -25 -30 -35 ALM LED flash
Start cell balance V / 3.5 / Start cell balance during charging

PC Software

Provide free software, the monitoring platform, through RS232 interface can be directly communicate with BMS, can achieve the real-time state of battery voltage, current, temperature, and SOC and SOH information.Can be remoting monitor by SNMP.



Warranty: 2~10 years

Depending on the different application and use of the environment.

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