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 Electric Car Batteries

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

♦Electric Car Batteries

GeePower® 144V 65AH Lithium LiFePo4 Battery Pack is assembled by 45pcs 3.2V 65AH GPLFP8081238 LiFePO4 battery cells in series.

GeePower®3.2V 65AH Lithium high energy density battery can be used to Electric vehicles and other energy storage areas. These Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, produced by GeePower here in  China, are rated at more than 2000 recharge cycles, can be assembled in series and parallels with a battery management system (BMS).

The Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is a type of rechargeable battery based on the original lithium ion chemistry, created by the use of Iron (Fe) as a cathode material.
Already passed all of the safety tests(overcharge, overdischarge, over temperature, short circuit, drop, Crush, Needle puncture tests, etc). These battery cells do not catch fire, no explosion and no leakage.

♦Electric Car Batteries Advantages

  • 30years experience in rechargeable batteries
  • 10 years experience  in Lithium batteries
  • geepower® battery can be above 2000 recharge Cycles
  • poor electrolyte, can be operated in any directions
  • can be discharged at high current(up to 5C), charge current(up to 3C)

♦144V 65AH Electric Car Batteries Specifications

144V 65AH Electric Car Batteries
Model Number G-BP14465 144V 65AH
Nominal Voltage 144V
Rate Capacity 65Ah@0.5C3A,20°C
Operating Current 30Amps (can be customized)
Peak Current 100Amps (can be customized)
Charge Voltage 164.25V
Standard Charge Current 7Amps
Cycle Life > 2000 times
Dimensions 120*195*360mm
Weight 76.8kg
Battery Box Material Steel plate
Built in Battery Cells 3.2V 65AH LiFePO4 cells
Battery cells model number GPLFP13192320
Assembly 45 cells in series
Operating temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Charge temperature 0°C~ 45°C
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 45°C

♦ Electric Car Batteries cell detailed image

 Electric Car Batteries

Pure Electric Car Batteries

♦ Electric Car Batteries pack detailed image

 Electric Car Batteries

Pure Electric Car Batteries

♦Can be customized

You can select the following GeePower® cells to be assembled into a 144V Electric Vehicle battery pack. Capacity rang: 65AH~85AH

3.2V LiFePO4 battery cells
Item Model no. Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Impedance(≤mΩ) Thickness(≤mm) Width(≤mm) Height(≤mm) Tab width(±0.2mm) Weight(g)
1 GPLFP88314332 3.2 65 1 8.9 316 337 85 1690
2 GPLFP11314332 3.2 85 0.5 11.3 316 337 85 2200
3.2V LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Item Model no. Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Impedance(≤mΩ) Thickness(≤mm) Width(≤mm) Height(≤mm) Screw(mm) Tab center distance(±2mm) Weight(±0.1kg)
1 GPLFP45127225 3.2 70 0.7 45 127.5 240 M8*20 70 2.2
2 GPLFP55136212 3.2 75 0.8 56.5 137.5 212 M8*20 80 2.2


♦144V 65AH Pure Electric Car Batteries Picture

GeePower Pure Electric Car Batteries

GeePower Pure Electric Car Batteries

♦144V 65AH Car EMS(Energy Management System) Dscription

GeePower® EMS can provide protection perfect protection for various kinds of power Lithium battery packs; realized on-line high accuracy detection to the battery pack voltage, current , temperature and other battery parameters; take emergency measures to kinds of real-time alarm; accurate dynamic estimation of the state-of-charge (SOC); control battery balance of multi-channel high current simultaneously; have optional charge-discharge control functions.

This excllent system provide CAN-Bus interface to charger, motor control unit and other vehicle system;realizes the sharing of protocol and offers a variety of optional display unit’ solutions.

♦ 144V 65AH Car Electric Traffic EMS Advantages

• High accuracy, accuracy of estimation for SOC is over 97%;
• High efficient balance, dvantage technology of high frequency switch circuit and temperature protection;
• High reliability, structural innovation (leading EMS system design) system, high redundancy design of circuit;
• High security, electromagnetic compatibility design and multiple active protection technology;
• CAN-Bus communication function, communicate with whole vehicle and motor controller via CAN-Bus;
• Insulation supervision function, insulation supervision module can detect insulation state of electric traffic efficiently;
• High voltage control, the high voltage control and central control module (CCM) was designer independently;
• PC communication and date storage, communication with PC by RS458 interface and record real-time information of battery pack for easy analyzing the date;
• System self-detection after power on-after the systerm is powerer on, it automatically detects voltage, temperature, communication and display function which ensure good performance of the system.

♦144V 65AH Car EMS Typical Application

This systerm has good scalability; it has developed 5 series and 10 kinds of products lines. family use motors to electric buses, from the hybrid power vehickes to pure electric vehicles which meet various requirements of customers in whole scale.

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

♦144V 65AH Electric Car System

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

♦EMS Structure

EMS adopts the structure of distributed main cable, composed of 1 pcs of Central Control Module (CCM), several pieces of Date Collection Module (DCM), screen (optional), Insulation Test Module (ISO) (optional), Date Storage Module (DSM) (optional), current sensor and cabies.

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

♦Technical Parameters

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

♦CCM Parameter

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

Pure Electric Car Batteries Solution

♦Product Code Explanation


♦CCM Models


♦Data Collection Module (DCM) Dscription

DCM connects a battery module, along with temperature sensors. It is used to cllection battery voltage, temperature of the battery module and other information. 1 piece of DCM can monitor 1~16serial batteries. Each DCM attaches 2 or more pieces of temperature sensors. Meanwhile the DCM has balancing functions. when any single cell’s voltage reaches 3.55V, and the voltage diffierence is 20mV~800mV, the balance function will start working. And the DCM balances three cells each time.

♦Parameters of DCM


♦Explanation of the Product Code


♦DCMs Different Model


♦Insulation Test Module (ISO) Function

The function of Insulation Test Module is to detect whether the batteries leakage to the car or not. It connects to Data Collection Module and receives commands from Central Module. Meanwhile the Insulation collection data and information and send the information and data to Central Control Module. Finally this data and information will be displayed by the screen.


♦Code Explanation


♦Models Insulation Test Module (ISO)


♦Relay Models


♦Status Instructions

There are three lights on the screen that indicate the status of the operation of the system. including power light (PWR), Running (RUN), communication (COM). When the screen is powerded on, the PWR light will be always bright; if the RUN light is always bright, it means the screen is running fine; if the RUN light is dark, it means the scree has someting wrong; if the EMS is connected, COM light is flash yellow.


♦Appearance, Dimension and Weight


♦EMS Wiring Diagram



The form blow includes the wires that are used of connection in the EMS.


♦ Cables Quantity

The following table showe the quantity of cabies for a unit of EMS. We take a unit of EMS which has 1pcs of CCM, Npcs of DCM (N≤22), the quantity of cables is as follows:


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