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China Southern Power Grid: Our First Megawatt Grid-Side Power Storage Station Has Achieved On-Grid Power Transmission

With the continuous improvement of electrochemical energy storage technology, its application in power systems has become more extensive. This is a good solution to new energy consumption, enhancement of grid stability, and improvement of the utilization efficiency of power distribution systems. Compared with other power storage methods, it has the advantages of high charge-discharge efficiency, long service life and strong applicability.

Electrochemical energy storage refers to the technology of storing electrical energy during the low-valley period through a chemical medium and then using it later. It is mainly used to alleviate problems such as overload of the grid during peak load hours. Moreover, This type of energy storage system generally uses lithium iron phosphate or a ternary lithium battery as the single units.

On November 20th, the 110 kV Transformer Substation in Tantou, a subsidiary body of China Southern Power Grid Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, was successfully connected to the Grid with its power storage system.

The successful implementation of this energy storage system can provide millisecond response to the Shenzhen Western Power Grid. And it has a maximum charge-discharge time of two hours, providing 10 MWh of reserve power, which is equivalent to about 1,000 residential customers. Therefore, it can alleviate the problem of power supply limitation in areas where power grid construction is difficult.

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