Lithium-ion Pouch Cells and Safety Design of the Packs

GeePower® Lithium-ion Battery Knowledge Column

What is the lithium-ion pouch cell?

Lithium-ion pouch cells are liquid lithium-ion batteries with a polymer shell. Unlike other batteries, the outer surface of this battery has a flexible packaging material (aluminum-plastic composite film), which is the most critical and technically-difficult material in Lithium-ion pouch cells. The packaging material and structure of this battery brings it many advantages.

Pouch cell has the following advantages:

  • High safety: its electrolyte is almost leak-free, and in case of accident, the soft-packed battery will only bulge, instead of exploding like a hard-shell battery;
  • Good cycle performance: pouch cell has a longer cycle life.
  • Flexible structure design: it can be made into batteries of various shapes and sizes.
  • Good resistance to pressure: the battery will not explode.
  • Small combined volume, small thickness, and various installation modes.
  • High energy efficiency, and small temperature difference between inside and outside.

What designs do we use to ensure the safety of pouch cells?

Pouch cell packs safety design:

  • A bending electrode-lug ,
  • Glue filling at the bottom,
  • A anti-vibration electrode-lug,
  • Anti-tear design

Pouch cell system security design:

  • The cells are sorted by performance identity.
  • Temperature control during charging & discharging.
  • System dropout voltage control.

About GeePower®

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