China’s power storage market is on the fast lane of development

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For power supply systems, energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electrical energy. The battery energy storage system is now common used technology, mainly using lithium-ion batteries. As the energy transformation continues to advance, China’s power storage market is booming. Since the beginning of last year, the development of battery energy storage system has ushered in an explosive period.

What is the significance of the rapid development of energy storage?

The large-scale construction of energy storage can effectively improve the utilization efficiency of the power grid. In the case of surplus power, energy storage can store energy and release the supply when power is tight. It is one of the goals of China’s energy revolution is to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. So that it could maximize the development and utilization of renewable energy, and improve energy efficiency.

Energy storage will become an important part of the future power system

Energy storage also has the functions of improving power quality and grid security and stability. It gives the grid the ability to be smart and flexible. Experts believe that China is continuously strengthening the innovation of the energy storage industry, continuously establishing a market environment for the healthy development of energy storage, and creating a specialized integrated business company to actively attract capital and promote the development of energy storage. The entire energy storage industry has bright prospects.

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