• lithium battery
  • lithium battery

ISO9001:2008\ISO14001\ISO/TS16949:2009 quality control systems are strictly adopted. We take great pride in each of our products and subject each one to rigorous testing before it is released into the open market. So far we have UL,CE,SGS,MSDS,UN38.3 for some of our products.

  • GeePower has 30 years experience in rechargeable batteries and 10 years experience in Lithium battery.
  • GeePower battery cells already passed all the safety tests, these battery cells do not catch fire, no explosion and no leakage.
  • Our factory more than 1000 employees, among which about 100 are professional technicians.

GeePower Lithium-ion Batteries Projects

Our Lithium-ion batterries are for these that want faster acceleration and more amazing,  have a beautiful bike, boat, yacht or car in mint condition , and like being on the leading edge of technology.